Healthy Snacks & Treats (DEGF). Swap that sugar!

Healthy Snacks & Treats

Today here is something a bit different. Not a recipe as we don’t all always have time to be in the kitchen cooking up Blueberry Cinnamon Muffins or Oaty Chocolate Drizzle Yummies. Yesterday I found ‘just what I’d been looking for’ in the guise of some wonderful jars! Not just any jars! Screwtop jars with easy to open lids (I decided that the kilner jars were too fiddly for quick & instant snacks) and lots of space inside. Plus, being square based, they all sit nicely next to each other OR even stack on top of each other.

Wonderful! The only thing was… which yummy snacks should go inside! Should I use the jars for the various healthy biscuits, truffles and crisps made at home? Or, should I fill them with the natural bits that are scattered all around the pantry? If you are in the UK, then you are probably aware of ‘Change 4 Life’ the government initiative to get us all fitter and healthier. The current campaign is ‘Sugar Swaps’ and with this (and my primary school aged child) in mind, I decided that I would use the jars for nuts, dried fruits and…

Did you spot the odd one out? I have almonds, cashews, green raisins, apricots (non sulphured), dried dates and… POPCORN! Yes… provided you don’t add sugar and loads of salt, or pop it in loads of oil, then popcorn IS a healthy snack! It is of course a whole grain and it contains lots of fibre, it is low in fat and it is also gluten free (watch for seasonings on shop bought popcorn).

So now I have my jars and I’m sure (as I’m going to leave them out on the worktop) that they won’t just be used as snacks, but will also be used for adding to breakfast and lunch too!

Lets see how long these snacks last… maybe I should have bought a few more jars…

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