No excuses needed! Veggie recipe round up!

No excuses needed! Veggie recipe round up!

You must have noticed the sudden influx of vegetarian, vegan and plant-based dishes which are popping up in restaurants, coffee shops and supermarkets (hooray!), but have you actually considered them?

There are so many tasty dishes that you probably haven’t even thought of trying but which are so flavoursome that you won’t even miss the meat! 😀 Then of course there are all the health benefits associated with eating more vegetables – winwin!

If you’re reading this thinking, yes, I really should try more vegetarian based dishes but my partner, husband, wife, parents, kids, won’t like them… think again! 😛 Until you (or they) try them, how do you know? 😛 I’m sure you probably eat quite a few veggie dishes anyway, without even thinking of it! Jacket potatoes, tomato soup, nachos, beans on toast, houmous and carrots, macaroni cheese, onion bhajis, chips and mushy peas (okay, maybe that one is a local thing)! but there are loads of things you probably already eat that any vegetarian (or vegan) would also munch on!

Here are a few dishes that you might not have thought to try, and as it is National Vegetarian Week, there’s no better time than now! What are you waiting for!

Lentil Pakoras – these are so good and they’ll be gobbled up in no time!

Lentil pakoras

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Falafel – great in some pitta with houmous and salad or a finger picnic food.

Falafel (7)

Chickpea Wraps – a very speedy impressive lunch

chickpea wraps WM

Plate of chickpea boats!

Dolma (stuffed vegetables) – an easier version that everyone can make!

Lentil Bolognese – a more substantial meal – very flavoursome

Bolognese (1)

Vegetable Curry – very easy to customise to your liking

Curry (1)

Vegetarian Sausages – for breakfast, lunch or dinner – you choose!

Sausages (10)

Veggie Bean Chili – Great for a Mexican night – with nachos, rice, tacos, or as enchiladas


Smoky veg bean chili… yumyum!


So… what do you eat that is vegetarian? How often do you skip the meat (fish/chicken) and enjoy a veggie dish? Which of these do you think you will try first?! 😛 😀


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