Pies! Vegan & Gluten Free Pies!

Pies! Vegan & Gluten Free Pies!

I know… I’m posting on a Tuesday again (instead of Wednesday) but you see ever since I started my blog I’ve posted AT LEAST once a week! So, because I posted pancakes last week for Pancake Day on Tuesday, that means I need to post again today! I’m going to make this an interim post though and ‘hopefully’ post again this week! 😀 I’ve a couple of lovely things I’ve been working on which I’m sure you’ll love but in the meantime… it’s British Pie Week! 🙂  and of course it’s still Fairtrade Fortnight! 🙂

Hmmm! Pies! That doesn’t really conjure up images of free-from food of any sort (gluten- free, dairy-free, meat-free) let alone a healthy image! 😛 Well, what I’ve realised since changing my eating habits, is that you can actually make anything you like free-from… even pies (and cheesecake and brownies)!  Here’s a selection of pies from the past! 🙂 Oh and please excuse some of the old photographs! 😛

Are you having pies this week? What’s your favourite pie? Traditional apple pie? Pumpkin pie (I must post that sometime)! Creamy vegetable pie? Ooo… how about a morello cherry pie? yumyum! 😀


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