salad with dressing

Quick & Easy way to pimp your salad!

End of summer

As the weather changes and the summer weather changes to autumnal vibes, it is all too easy to suddenly forget about buying and eating salad in favour of root vegetables and squashes. However, for a quick lunch when the weather is still warm but a bit grey and drizzly, adding something to ‘pimp’ your salad can make it a go between the two.

salad with dressing
Mixed salad with dressing

The salad dressing recipe

This dressing can be used on any salad, or any vegetable, that needs a bit of extra taste to it. I am not, or so I thought, really a fan of avocado, but this recipe has definitely changed my mind! The base of the dressing is avocado, preferably quite a firm one which will have a milder taste. You then need a bit of neutral plain yogurt, a splash of water and some chill flakes. You can play with the consistency, then spoon or pour it all over your salad or vegetables. Thank me later!

Creamy salad dressing

Quick dressing for any salad or vegetables

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Created by:: Laurena @LifeDietHealth
  • 1/2 medium avocado (roughly chopped)
  • 2 tablespoons plain unsweetened yogurt (I used coconut)
  • splash of water (depending on consistency required)
  • small pinch of red chilli flakes
  • pinch of ground black pepper
  • *optional 1 teaspoon sesame seeds/crushed nuts for topping
  1. Put the avocado in a blender or mini processor. Add the yogurt and water. Pulse. Check. Scrape down. Repeat. You want a slightly chunky sauce.

  2. Remove to a bowl and add the chilli and black pepper.

  3. Spoon or pour onto your salad. Leave as it is, or mix it all together.

  4. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or crushed nuts if using.

  5. Enjoy!

What do I need?

Here are a few items you may find useful for this recipe. I may receive a small commission if you click and purchase through these links (this is at no additional cost to you)!


You can serve this dressing over any salad or vegetable dish. Try it over a simple salad of lettuce tomato and cucumber, or add peppers, carrots, onions and beetroot for a more substantial dish. You could use this dressing to make a coleslaw or even a potato salad. You could even skip the salad and just serve it on toast (although I would add the salad, then put it all on toast)! Make the dressing a bit runnier and drizzle over roast vegetables or use it to top a baked potato.

salad with dressing mixed in
Mixed salad with dressing mixed in


This recipe makes one portion for one person. As avocado tends to discolour relatively quickly, it is better to make this when it’s needed and consume straight away. If you do have some leftover, store in the fridge in a sealed container and use within a couple of days.


Although this recipe is for one person, you can always double it and share with a friend! What will you serve it with – a simple salad or some hot cooked vegetables? Will you mix it in or just use it as a topping?

As always, I love hearing about any recipes of mine you try, any ideas you adapt or suggestions you have for future recipes. Please share and tag me @LifeDietHealth or using #LifeDietHealth on InstagramPinterest,  Facebook or Twitter.

Leave me a comment below… I love to chat!

I hope to speak with you soon

Laurena x

salad with dressing
Salad with quick & easy dressing

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