Sleepy Sunday :-) post Valentines lay in!

Sleepy Lazy Sunday! <3

What day do you get a lie in? I know it was actually Valentines day yesterday, but this is a Valentines weekend! <3 What did you get? Flowers? Chocolates? Dinner? A surprise weekend away? Jewellery? A proposal??? Breakfast in bed? Sunday is actually the only day where I ‘could’ have a lay in… but if your body clock is set up properly, technically you should wake at the same time each day!

If you read any research around sleep generally you will see EIGHT HOURS as the ideal… but who is the ‘ideal’ aimed at? School aged children need more. Elderly need less. Mothers with young babies don’t get much and what they do get is interrupted. I wonder what percentage of people that leaves? Those working changing shifts. Those working nights. Those on call. The numbers are surely getting less now. . . How many left for the ‘ideal?’

Who measured it anyway? Is it measured from the second you look asleep until you open your eyes? Maybe it’s from the minute you stop replying ‘yes’ to ‘are you awake?!’ Besides, what is it measured against? Is the ideal determined by how cheerful you are? How fast your reactions are? How well your body rejuvenated overnight? Aren’t all of those determined by other factors such as life? stress? happiness? Hmmm. . . I think I’ll sleep on it. . . zzzzz

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