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chia pudding

Make a quick & tasty healthy snack with chia.

Chia Seeds. If you are in the UK, you may recall chia seeds as quite a recent product. When I showed one of my friends them however, she remembered having them daily in her home country about 30 years ago! Chia seeds were until recently, always imported, but now they have been grown successfully in the UK. What do I…

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Chia Chocolate Porridge

Chia Chocolate Porridge What a VERY busy week! and a neglected blog! 🙁 I have a valid reason though! My son was on a school trip… not just for a day but for a whole week!!! No phones allowed either so it was a whole week with the only contact being just one text from school on the first day to say…

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Warming Winter Spiced Chocolate (DEGF)

Warming Winter Spiced Chocolate Oh My Gosh! 🙂 It was so cold yesterday I thought my fingers would drop off! I needed something to warm me up without making me (more!) lazy and lethargic and this… this was amazing! Don’t think ‘hot chocolate’ as this is most definitely not! Don’t think ‘creamy & calorific’ as there’s no cream or no dairy…

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Raspberry Jam or Blueberry Compote? mix them up for Berry Blast!

Berry Blast WOW! and THANK YOU! I never imagined so many people would find my blog yesterday and like my blueberry cinnamon muffin post! I think I might have to reconsider getting an email alert for EVERY like and restrict it to email notifications just for new comments if it continues like that! Today I thought I would test out the superfood…

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