chia pudding

Make a quick & tasty healthy snack with chia.

Chia Seeds.

If you are in the UK, you may recall chia seeds as quite a recent product. When I showed one of my friends them however, she remembered having them daily in her home country about 30 years ago! Chia seeds were until recently, always imported, but now they have been grown successfully in the UK.

Chia seeds by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

What do I do with Chia?

Chia seeds are great at absorbing liquid. If you add chia to milk or water, they will swell and turn into a gel like substance. One tablespoon of chia seeds soaked in three tablespoons of water makes a great egg replacer for use in baking. You can just use chia seeds as they are – sprinkled onto porridge for example, although, bear in mind they absorb liquid. Chia Pudding – is a delicious dessert or breakfast food made using the seeds, with liquid and flavourings added.

chia pudding
chia pudding by Maryam Sicard on Unsplash

The Chia Pudding Recipe

Of course, the first ingredient you will need is chia seeds! You can find these in varying colours from white, through grey, to black and any are great. Then, you need a liquid. You can use milk, water, juice or yogurt, or a combination. This will make the simplest version. You can of course, puree some fruit – raspberry, strawberry or mango work really well, and can be used for all or part of the pudding. You can add fresh fruits, jam, nuts, seeds or even powders such as cocoa, peanut butter powder or lucuma.

Chia Pudding

A light chilled food, great for breakfast, snacks or dessert.

Course: Breakfast, brunch, Dessert, Snack
Keyword: chia, superfood
Created by:: Laurena @LifeDietHealth
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 115 ml milk (or milk & yogurt mix)
  • *1/2 – 1 teaspoon liquid sweetener of choice
  • *any fruit or fruit puree or jam (*optional)
  • *pinch of spice (e.g. cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger) (*optional)
  • *1-2 drops flavour extract (e.g. vanilla, coffee, mint) (*optional)
  • *1/2 – 1 teaspoon powder flavour (e.g. cocoa, peanut butter, lucuma) (*optional)
  • *sprinkle of extras (coconut, nuts, seeds, oats, granola) (*optional)
  1. Put the chia seeds in a glass, add the milk and stir well. Add the sweetener if using.

  2. Mix or stir in any of the other flavours to make a flavoured pudding.

  3. Ensure all the chia seeds are separated by stirring again. Place in the fridge.

  4. After 10-15 minutes, give the pudding another stir and check the consistency and taste. You can add more flavour, more seeds, or more liquid if necessary.

  5. Eat when you like! The consistency will change the longer you leave it in the fridge. Any time from 30 minutes onwards should be delicious!

  6. Add your favourite toppings – or layer with fruit puree, yogurt, jelly.

  7. Enjoy!

What do I need?

You can (as with most of my recipes), make your chia pudding really simple, or extremely complicated with different layers of flavour and colour! Whichever you choose, here are a few useful things for this recipe. I receive a small commission if you click and purchase through these links (this is at no additional cost to you)!


You can serve these for breakfast, brunch, snack, dessert or anytime the munchies strike! Eat it plain as it is, or layer it with different flavours and textures. Try adding yogurt, fruit puree, fresh fruits, oats, nuts, seeds or a combination! If you prefer something with a bit more bite, try combining layers of overnight oats with the chia pudding.

Flavour Combinations

There are so many different chia pudding combinations, but here are a few to try:

• Raspberry crush: Add raspberry puree to the milk, then top with fresh raspberries

• Chocolate: Stir a teaspoon of cocoa into the milk, top with grated chocolate

• Peanut butter: Mix in half a teaspoon of peanut butter powder, then top with crushed peanuts

• Mango Medley: Add pureed mango to the milk, layer with chunks of mango and top with dried mango

• Tropical. Layer the chia with pineapple chunks and top with coconut

chia pudding
Chia Pudding by Anastasia Belousova on Pexels


Chia pudding will store quite well in the fridge for up to five days. It is best made and eaten rather than attempting to freeze it.


I hope you make yourself a delicious chia pudding! I love seeing your adaptions and interpretations of my recipes and I’d love to see your pudding photos! What flavour are you making first? Please share and tag me @LifeDietHealth or using #LifeDietHealth on InstagramPinterest,  Facebook or Twitter.

Leave me a comment below… I love to chat!

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Laurena x

chia pudding
close up chia pudding by Maryam Sicard on Unsplash

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