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Summer Fun

The sun is shining, it is the school holidays and not much cooking is going on here! We’ve been munching on watermelon slices, watermelon cubes and watermelon pizza! 😛 We’ve made watermelon smoothies and watermelon cocktails! We’re fortunate that we have several Asian Supermarkets nearby and they stock the tastiest, biggest watermelons that would probably be too oval and too…

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Cheers! Make your own Christmas drink

Cheers! Make your own (vegan) Christmas drinks! Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Have you written all your cards? sorted all your presents? written your Christmas menus? organised parties, meals or get-togethers? I’m sure there’s not that many ‘sleeps’ left and you better start to get yourself organised! 😀 Me, erm, well, strictly speaking we don’t actually ‘do’ Christmas but…

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