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5 Easy Summer Salads

5 Easy Summer Salads When the weather is heating up, cooking is generally the last thing on your mind – who wants to slave away in the kitchen when the sun is shining?! So, light the barbeque, skewer some veg, marinate some tofu (or meat/ fish/ chicken) and prepare these 5 easy summer salads to go with your meal! Salad…

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Back to Basics: Coleslaw

Back to Basics: Coleslaw Yes. I know. You can buy it from the store! Coleslaw though is different wherever you buy it! Some are too creamy, some have a lot of onion in, others are watery or taste vinegary. So, how about you create your own coleslaw so it’s just how you want it every time. Think of coleslaw as…

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Creamy Chunky Coleslaw… Vegan!

Creamy Chunky Coleslaw… Vegan! Ooo it was sunny here today! Up to 18 degrees centigrade! 🙂 Bearing in mind that last night we were threatened with a frost, the temperature today was none too shabby! 🙂 So, sunny weather brings lighter food, salads and ice cream! I’m not sure how long this weather will stay but this chunky coleslaw is…

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