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Lentil Daal

How can something so simple be so tasty! 🙂 This is red split lentils, spiced up to a delicious warming fragrant bowl of daal! We made this as part of a meal to eat with courgette & okra curry, samosas, brown lentil & spinach curry and of course rice, poppadoms and raita. This daal was my favourite! I love daal…

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Daal with Chickpeas (vegan & free-from)

Daal with Chickpeas Hello 😀 It’s Wednesday (just!) and I’ve managed to get back on track (no idea how!) This week I’ve had my little sisters children staying… I’m so not used to having a 2 year old around full time! and with his 6 year old sister too! We had FUN!!! But Oh I was SO tired! Special thanks to my…

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