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valentines day card

YOU are special, you know that!

So today, February 14th is a day which brings mixed emotions for lots of people. This week on the radio they have been talking about it (it being Valentines Day)! being a day for single people! I’m not sure I agree with that, do you? I’d say it’s more a day for couples, but that’s my own opinion. Having said…

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Where are you now? In the past, future, present?

We all have memories. Some good, some bad. We all have had experiences. Some good, some bad. We all have coping methods. Some better than others. Look at something you’ve been thinking about. Is it from the past, is it in the future, or is it something now in the present? What are your thoughts about it? Are the thoughts…

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Happy February! :)

Happy February! πŸ™‚ Can you believe a whole month of 2017 has passed already? Veganuary has finished but I hope if you took part you’ve learnt something? had some amazing food? and considered continuing? … be that a couple of times a month or full time! πŸ™‚ Last night I realised that I’ve managed to keep my new years resolution…

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Thinker… or do-er?

Thinker… or do-er? Something a little bit different today as I’ve realised the ‘Life’ side of LifeDietHealth is getting a bit neglected! πŸ˜› Some of you may know that I’ve been studying to be a Life Coach πŸ™‚ but this often gets pushed aside for my nutrition studies! πŸ˜€ Surprisingly I have discovered that I am more and more becoming…

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H = Happy Healthy Home

H = Happy Healthy Home This is day 8 of the A-Z Challenge and therefore the letter I did have a couple of ‘H’ recipes but I realised that for several posts now I haven’t talked much about ‘Life’ or ‘Health’ and this would give me the opportunity! Often unless something bad happens, we don’t stop and think about what…

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Tomorrow is another day! Don’t stress the chocolate!

Tomorrow is another day! Don’t Stress the Chocolate! Well! Today hasn’t exactly gone to plan… not that I had a plan as such, but besides trying to catch a glimpse of the eclipse, that is so far all my day has achieved! Okay, so that is not strictly true! I had a phone call from a friend which lasted almost…

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Happy Sunny Sunday… Fresh air for you!

Happy Sunny Sunday πŸ™‚ It’s sunny. There is an almost clear blue sky! πŸ™‚ It’s the weekend. Get off the internet and go outside! Go for a walk, get the bike out, do some gardening (lots of seeds can be planted from now onwards), take a ball to the park, try out those running shoes or dig out those dusty…

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