Thinker… or do-er?

Thinker… or do-er?

Something a little bit different today as I’ve realised the ‘Life’ side of LifeDietHealth is getting a bit neglected! 😛

Some of you may know that I’ve been studying to be a Life Coach 🙂 but this often gets pushed aside for my nutrition studies! 😀 Surprisingly I have discovered that I am more and more becoming a point of contact for many of my friends in time of need particularly when they are looking for some direction! This is where life coaching comes in!

Have you ever sat and thought ‘why this?’ or ‘why that?’ or even ‘why me?’ or even ‘why not me?’


This could relate to any part of your life from work, family, relationships, finances, hobbies, health, campaigns, even children. Maybe your colleague got the promotion you wanted? Perhaps it’s always you that has to sort out the family feuds? Is it your responsibility to do the household shopping/ cooking/ cleaning/ sort the bills/ wash the car? Not got the boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife you thought (if any at all)? Why did your neighbour win the lottery when you bought your tickets from the same shop? How come the house across the road are getting an extension when they’ve just got a new car? Why do you spend all weekend decorating and it doesn’t look any different? Why isn’t your art good enough for the exhibition? How did he/ she beat you in that match? When will your health improve? Why don’t people understand healthy eating isn’t all about lettuce (sorry lettuce!)? Why do everyone else’s kids behave perfectly and get glowing school reports?  All those thoughts!!! WOW! Just stop and think of all those thoughts you’ve had…


Then you forget about it all and get on with it?! Because life is life. Life is too busy to stop and think about everything as that would get you really down or stressed or depressed. Anyway, if things aren’t going to plan and you want something doing… do it yourself! 😀

BUT… what if there WAS a way to sort out all these thoughts? To get rid of all of the emotional baggage that is caught up in YOUR LIFE? This is actually your life you know! Nobody else’s! Your life! YOU are the only one who can make a positive change in your life!

Now… get a piece of paper. Right now. Seriously…I’m waiting! Paper? Pen? Come on!

 pen & paper WM 


Without thinking deeply about it, scribble down three ‘specific’ things (any order) which have niggled you, annoyed you or made you cross today, yesterday or this week. No thinking… just scribble! Quickly! life coaching WM

How did you do? Was it easy? Did you have to think too much? Did you write more than three? Maybe you had to try really hard to think of just one?! Hmmm. Now look at your list! Now ‘read’ your list! Do all three things relate to one particular area of your life (work, family, friends, health, free time etc.) or are they all completely different? If, they are all random things (or you really couldn’t think of any) then maybe you’re doing okay! 😀 Perhaps they are just little niggles which you can work through and cope with? What if though, all three (or more) things you listed are all in the same area? For example in my list above all three things actually relate to work! This would lead me to believe that it’s not the right job for me and I should do something about it!


I’m going to leave you there to think! Remember though… thinking is not doing!!! 😛 Feel free to share your thoughts (or actions!) below or ask any questions! 🙂

Now go and enjoy your day! 😀

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  • wholerealfoodblog 27th April 2016 at 12:28

    Becoming a life coach sounds like a wonderful way to help people! Based on this post, I’m sure you’ll be great at it!

    • Life Diet Health 27th April 2016 at 15:28

      Thank you Cayla 🙂 Did you manage to write three things down… ?

      • wholerealfoodblog 7th May 2016 at 14:44

        Nope! I’m feeling very content right now 🙂

        • Life Diet Health 7th May 2016 at 14:57

          Excellent 🙂 That’s what we like to hear! 😀 Hope you have a fantastic weekend.


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