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Valentines Thoughts & Sugar Free Chia Jam

Valentines Thoughts & Sugar Free Chia Jam Mixed feelings abound on this day! If you’re in a new relationship then this day will probably be filled with loads of romantic gestures   If you’re married or in a long-term relationship then this could be the day where one of you gets into trouble for not doing enough! Maybe you’ve ‘agreed’ that you…

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Fudgey Chocolatey Free From… Fudge?!

Fudgey Chocolatey Free From…Fudge Hello Weekend! 🙂 It seems like I’ve been up for hours already (early football today)! but once again I’ve not achieved much! That said I did make some bread for breakfast (DEGF recipe soon…) and of course the second load of washing is in, the kitchen has been tidied (?!) and I’ve been taste testing the…

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DEGF Warming Winter Lentil Soup (Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free.)

DEGF Warming Winter Lentil Soup This recipe is one that is frequently made in our house and yesterday when I went in the kitchen I could smell the luscious lentils which my husband had decided to cook for lunch :-). This is a very easy recipe and the resulting dish is a nutritious meal packed full of protein, dietary fibre, iron,…

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Raspberry Jam or Blueberry Compote? mix them up for Berry Blast!

Berry Blast WOW! and THANK YOU! I never imagined so many people would find my blog yesterday and like my blueberry cinnamon muffin post! I think I might have to reconsider getting an email alert for EVERY like and restrict it to email notifications just for new comments if it continues like that! Today I thought I would test out the superfood…

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