YOUR Health & Happiness? Your Food & Diet? Vegetarian? Vegan? Free-from?

YOUR Health & Happiness? Your Food & Diet? Vegetarian? Vegan? Free-from?

Hello! Welcome! Yes, I am playing with my blog(s) as I need something I am happy and comfortable with! 🙂

A short post today! A question or two for you!? Are YOU following a restricted diet for personal or medical reasons. Maybe you are a coeliac and its imperative you keep a gluten-free diet? Perhaps you are dairy intolerant and use soy milk and other plant based products instead? Are you diabetic and have to restrict your sugar intake? Maybe chocolate doesn’t agree with you (seriously! :-o) red meat gives you IBS? cheese gives you migraines? Do you eat cake and your chronic conditions (arthritis, fibromyalgia, ME, Lupus etc) flare up? Whatever you have restricted from your diet has it helped YOUR health? Do you feel better for it? Have you even considered what you eat as contributing to your health???

Do YOU follow a vegetarian OR vegan diet? Whether you’re a vegetarian, pescetarian, a full time vegan, whether you’re trialling being vegan just for Veganuary, or you keep Meat Free Mondays, you’ve been any of the above in the past or some days you realise you had an unintentional meat or dairy free day? If that’s YOU, how do you FEEL? Are you happy, healthy and full of beans? :-p (sorry!) or are you depressed, fighting illness and lethargic?

Please post your comments! Feel free to share! Reblog…Facebook etc!

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