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chia pudding

Make a quick & tasty healthy snack with chia.

Chia Seeds. If you are in the UK, you may recall chia seeds as quite a recent product. When I showed one of my friends them however, she remembered having them daily in her home country about 30 years ago! Chia seeds were until recently, always imported, but now they have been grown successfully in the UK. What do I…

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Amazing tasty sausages everyone will love and want again

Amazing tasty sausages everyone will love and want again Sausages or nossages? Even those meat-eaters will definitely love the flavours in these amazing tasty sausages and ask for them again! This is not a meaty sausage, but instead it is packed with chickpeas, vegetables and delicious spices. These are versatile enough to customise them to either what you have in,…

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Chickpeas in less than ten minutes

Chickpeas in less than ten minutes Don’t you just love quick meals! 🙂 Sure you could stab a microwave meal and ping it for five minutes. You could even grab something from the freezer and throw it in the oven for ten minutes. I’d rather make this! 😀 Chickpeas are almost a staple in our house – they’re full of…

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Don’t judge!

Don’t judge! What ‘DO’ you eat? or should I ask what ‘DON’T’ you eat? or even ‘HOW’ do you eat it? If you’re one of these people who actually ‘cares’ about what you eat (or where it came from) then you’ve probably been questioned about what you eat!? Or rather… what you ‘don’t’ eat!? Maybe people ask your advice about certain…

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Mixed Mezes… #Vegan and Free From

Mixed Mezes… Vegan and Free From Another very busy week with lots going on before half term starts (hooray 🙂 a week without early mornings!) 🙂 Something a little different today because people are getting ready for Halloween parties! Whilst not your traditional meringue ghosts and ghouls, witches fingers and pumpkin biscuits, these mezes are sure to go down a…

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Chia Chocolate Porridge

Chia Chocolate Porridge What a VERY busy week! and a neglected blog! 🙁 I have a valid reason though! My son was on a school trip… not just for a day but for a whole week!!! No phones allowed either so it was a whole week with the only contact being just one text from school on the first day to say…

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V= Versatile Vegetables!

Versatile Vegetables Happy weekend! 🙂 It’s rainy here… hooray! My plants will be so happy! (and we don’t need to get the watering cans out)! Anyway, please forgive me for not posting cake or chocolate today… this is the last Saturday of the A-Z Challenge so back to normal next weekend! 🙂 Can you believe April is almost over already!…

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Quick & Easy Pan Roasted Tofu with Mushrooms

Quick & Easy Pan Roasted Tofu with Mushrooms Hello all and Happy Monday! Did you notice I had a day off yesterday and didn’t post anything at all! I think I will try that from now on… just posting Monday to Saturday… unless of course I have something so exciting to tell you that it can’t wait! 😛 🙂 I…

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