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cabbage & potato

The humble cabbage easily transformed into a delightfully tasty dish

Easy vegetable dish. Well… this was something unexpected and different even for me! Someone asked me if I wanted some ‘salad’ that had been left and thinking the guinea pigs would like it I thought that was an unexpected bonus. The ‘salad’ however was three (yes three)! pointed head cabbages! Not entirely what I was expecting, but having just heard…

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Daal with Chickpeas (vegan & free-from)

Daal with Chickpeas Hello 😀 It’s Wednesday (just!) and I’ve managed to get back on track (no idea how!) This week I’ve had my little sisters children staying… I’m so not used to having a 2 year old around full time! and with his 6 year old sister too! We had FUN!!! But Oh I was SO tired! Special thanks to my…

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Quick eats for a busy day! Easy Lentils. Free From.

Quick Eats for a busy day! Easy Lentils. Dairy. Egg. Gluten. Free. How bizarre it seems to me writing todays blog post at the end of the day! I’ve never done that before! Such a busy day today that I didn’t even have time to even think about my blog! 🙁 This morning I had a appointment to go to (which had…

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