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chia pudding

Make a quick & tasty healthy snack with chia.

Chia Seeds. If you are in the UK, you may recall chia seeds as quite a recent product. When I showed one of my friends them however, she remembered having them daily in her home country about 30 years ago! Chia seeds were until recently, always imported, but now they have been grown successfully in the UK. What do I…

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Vegetable & Tofu Broth

Autumn is coming! There is a sudden chill in the air. Summer holidays are over, children are back to school and the weather… well, it’s suddenly taken a tumble here by several degrees! The sun is still out, but it’s much cooler in the mornings (or are we just up earlier?)! It’s not quite time yet for heavy soups, but…

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Slimming Soup!

Did you know that people who eat soup before a meal, tend to eat less? Why? Well, soup is generally full of water which fills you up, leaving less space for other foods! Simple concept really! Some soups however are full of cream, butter or fried additions, so obviously these types are not the best option! 😛 It’s very windy…

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North African Inspired Tagine Style Chickpeas

North African Inspired Tagine style Chickpeas How exciting! I’ve just received my bespoke organic vegetable delivery and it looks like I’m going to be busy! As well as the regular vegetables I also have some red Jerusalem artichokes (grown locally in the UK), a very large purple kohlrabi, a tub of mixed sprouts, some golden globe beetroot, fresh horseradish and……

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