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Find the perfect life balance whilst living in the moment.

Embrace Life! As several of my friends are approaching and celebrating milestone birthdays, it prompted me to pause and take stock of life, accomplishments, and the things that truly matter. While the hustle and bustle of daily life can easily consume us with tasks and responsibilities, it’s crucial to remember the importance of slowing down and cherishing life’s simple pleasures.…

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Sleepy Sunday :-) post Valentines lay in!

Sleepy Lazy Sunday! <3 What day do you get a lie in? I know it was actually Valentines day yesterday, but this is a Valentines weekend! <3 What did you get? Flowers? Chocolates? Dinner? A surprise weekend away? Jewellery? A proposal??? Breakfast in bed? Sunday is actually the only day where I ‘could’ have a lay in… but if your body clock is…

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