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Winter Chickpea Salad

Winter Chickpea Salad Chickpeas! Do you eat them? Do you love them? They are almost a staple in our house! My husband buys them by the case (12 tins) or two or three!!! We have dried chickpeas too but it’s so easy to just open a tin and eat them straight out of the… pop them in a pan with…

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Don’t judge!

Don’t judge! What ‘DO’ you eat? or should I ask what ‘DON’T’ you eat? or even ‘HOW’ do you eat it? If you’re one of these people who actually ‘cares’ about what you eat (or where it came from) then you’ve probably been questioned about what you eat!? Or rather… what you ‘don’t’ eat!? Maybe people ask your advice about certain…

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Organic or Non-Organic? Do you know what you’re eating?

Organic or Non-Organic? Do you know what you are eating? Hello all! 🙂 Did you miss me! I don’t think I’ve ever posted this late! 😛 Not that I’m a morning person but if I make my posts the first thing I do, then I have the rest of the morning to play in the kitchen! 🙂 Today I want to ask…

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