branch of blossom with a china egg hanging

Tasty Easter weekend baking you’ll love.

Long weekend!

Whilst some of you may not have the luxury of a long weekend this week, here in the UK there are two extra days to the weekend! Good Friday (tomorrow) and Easter Monday (after the weekend). Spring is really in the air and traditionally this is the time when families get together for meals – perhaps the first barbecue of the year or a roast dinner.

Daffodils by Julieta Camila Tosto on Pexels

Of course, there are plenty of activities going on too, children are generally on school holidays for a couple of weeks and this is the time when all those attractions closed over the winter months, start opening their doors again. There are Easter bunnies delivering eggs, chocolate Easter Egg hunts, Spring lambs are being born, tulips and daffodils are bursting through the soil and everything in general is waking up after the long dark days and nights. In the UK we are changing our clocks too – they will go forward on Sunday 31st March at 1am, so we all get less sleep than usual but then realise how light it is getting in the evenings!

branch of blossom with a china egg hanging
Easter blossom by Kaja Reichardt on Unsplash

Easter traditions

In the UK the two most popular Easter foods nowadays are Hot Cross Buns and Chocolate Eggs. Of course, in the past we had Simnel Cake and Roast Lamb, but like many things, these traditions are changing with the younger generations and commercialisation of the holiday. Hot cross buns have to be one of my favourite seasonal foods – they are light and fluffy, spiced and fruity. You can eat them cold, warmed or toasted, plain or with butter, even spread them with chocolate!

close up hot cross buns
Hot cross buns by Manny Nb on Unsplash

The Hot Cross Recipes

As I already have some great recipes on here which work really well, I have not created anything new, instead here are some ideas for you!

Traditional Hot Cross Buns: Adjust the fruits and spices to your liking. Add lemon rind, leave out the currants, add more cinnamon, even add a handful of chopped nuts or chocolate chips!

Hot Cross Bun Loaf: All the taste of hot cross buns in one delicious sliceable loaf!

Cheats Hot Cross Buns: A quicker and easier way to get your hot cross bun fix.

Hot Cross Bun Muffins: Individual muffins with all the hot cross bun taste!

hot cross buns on a metal pan
Hot cross buns by Jasmine Waheed on Unsplash

What do I need?

Maybe you need some last minute Easter egg inspiration? or you’d rather chocolate instead of eggs? or even an alternative such as Easter flowers? This section contains links to a selection of items I think would help you create your recipes. Amazon have updated their links, and I am still working my way around the new system, so please bear with me until I sort them out! You can search here for items such as chopping boards, kitchen knives, mixing bowls, baking trays and other items which you might need. Please note I may receive a small commission if you click through these links – it all helps with the running of my site! Thank you!


Serve your Easter bakes with friends and family! Have lots of fun and make lots of memories! Why not get a collection of biscuits, chocolates and fruits and have a go at making your own fun filled decorated eggs.

Filled chocolate eggs by Junior Reis on Unsplash

April Challenge!

All foods can be enjoyed within moderation and if we add exercise to our daily routine, the benefits are plentiful. I’ve partnered up to bring you a monthly fitness challenge that you can tailor to your own activity and pace! Look at this months gorgeous Spring medal! You can choose walking, running, cycling, swimming or wheelchair, and if you can’t choose one, now you can pick a multi-activity instead! Set your own distance, join our group and let’s motivate each other to meet our daily exercise targets! Research shows you’re more likely to stick to something if you’re accountable to someone – so come on, let’s get exercising to boost our health together!


Back to baking… I hope you have time over the long weekend to do some of your own baking and make some delicious hot cross buns or have a play and come up with some tasty chocolate creations! Then, check out the challenges above, set your goal and get ready to share your progress!

As always, I love hearing about any recipes of mine you try, any ideas you adapt or suggestions you have for future recipes. Please share and tag me @LifeDietHealth or using #LifeDietHealth on InstagramPinterest,  Facebook or X.

Leave me a comment below… I love to chat!

I hope to speak with you soon

Laurena x

Cooked hot cross buns on a wire rack.

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