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Three different ways to get your delicious hot cross bun flavour

Hot Cross Buns.

The aroma of a traditional hot cross bun is something which is easy to recognise and instantly makes you think of Easter. When I was growing up, I remember my best friends Mum making Hot Cross Buns and we would wait patiently for the fruity spiced buns to be ready. Of course, I always wondered why she made them rather than get them from the local bakers, but as soon as they started baking I could see the appeal. Growing up, hot cross buns were generally eaten on Good Friday and signalled the start of Easter. Hot cross Buns first, then chocolate eggs for the rest of the weekend. Nowadays, shops are full of the delicious buns for several weeks before and after Easter, but they still keep their appeal.

The Hot Cross Bun Recipes

Over the years I have perfected my own hot cross bun recipes and today I am sharing my favourites with you. Yes, you could go to the local shop and buy some, but there is something special about filling your home with that freshly baked smell.

hot cross buns and daffodils
Hot cross buns by EjVH on Unsplash

Traditional Hot Cross Bun

Firstly, a traditional hot cross bun, as you would expect, packed with fruit, full flavours of spice and a soft squishy bun.

Cooked hot cross buns on a wire rack.
Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Bun Loaf

Next up, is a variation of the bun, for those of you who prefer toast! Oh yes, this is a whole loaf of hot cross bun goodness! This loaf is dotted with fruit, splattered with spice and makes light and fluffy crispy toast. Of course, you could just eat it as bread, slathered with butter or chocolate spread!

hot cross bun loaf
Hot Cross Bun Loaf

Hot Cross Bun Pancakes

My third recipe is for you if bread making feels too scary or if you are short of time. I have created the perfect cheats hot cross bun which is quick and simple to make. You get all the hot cross bun flavour, you can still have it toasted or eat as it is, but it can be ready in less than 15 minutes!

hot cross bun pancakes
Hot Cross Bun Pancakes

What do I need?

You can (as with most of my recipes), make any of these recipes as easy or complicated as you wish! I have created these recipes to be adjustable to your needs and you can switch up the ingredients to suit you. Try changing the levels of spices, switch up the fruits or even add in a handful of nuts, seeds or chocolate chips.

If you are new to cooking or your kitchen needs a refresh, here are a few useful things for these recipes. (I receive a small commission if you click and purchase through these links but this is at no additional cost to you).


You can serve any of these on their own, with butter, with jam or (as it is Easter) with chocolate! You can eat them cold, warmed in the oven, or toasted.

hot cross buns toasted
Hot Cross Buns by Taryn Elliott on Pexels


All of these will store quite well, either covered on a worktop, or in the fridge for three to five days. You can also freeze them for up to three months. If freezing, portion or separate with greaseproof paper, label and freeze.


I hope you make at least one of these delicious Hot Cross Bun creations. I love seeing your adaptions and interpretations of my recipes and I’d love to see your photos of any of these!

What will you serve your Hot Cross Buns with? Please share and tag me @LifeDietHealth or using #LifeDietHealth on InstagramPinterest,  Facebook or Twitter.

Leave me a comment below… I love to chat!

Have a fabulous long weekend.

I hope to speak with you soon

Laurena x

easter egg hanging from blossom

Easter by Kaja Reichardt on Unsplash


  • tulips79 16th April 2022 at 17:32

    I’ve always liked hot cross buns and chocolate but not together, but that’s just me☺️Saying that though, I’ve been given some hot cross bun-flavoured chocolate, I may end up loving it lol. Can’t beat toasted HCB with butter…I’ve found out it’s not quite the same done in the microwave (in a motel room)- they end up rather chewy hehe (bought ones from Asda bakery). Wishing you a lovely Easter bank holiday weekend 🐣☀️ 😘

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 21st April 2022 at 11:18

      Ooo, hot cross bun flavoured chocolate sounds good Eva… let me kow how it was please! Yes, toasted Hot Cross Buns with butter are how I would usually eat them, although the chocolate topping is also good! Oh, maybe you cooked them too long in the microwave – they should stay nice and soft if done just for a few seconds! I’m guessing you’ve returned home now?

      • tulips79 21st April 2022 at 15:15

        Hi Laurena, the spiced choc was ‘ok’😋I prefer it more in breads, I would say…speaking of which, I’m going to attempt to make some spiced tahini swirl buns to honour Dad’s birthday tomorrow…I don’t have much confidence they’ll come out well hehe😝 We came back Tuesday night. I’ve only just finished unpacking everything and washing etc- it’s always like this coming back from the UK lol (lucky I don’t work full-time anymore)🤪

        • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 21st April 2022 at 18:39

          Spiced tahini swirl buns sound amazing… maybe I should try those too, although my swirl would be chocolate and tahini and maybe cinnamon too! Awww, birthdays are a tough time to get through, I’ll be thinking of you. Haha, to the unpacking… I know someone who returned on Friday and still not unpacked🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

          • tulips79 21st April 2022 at 19:06


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