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Try these aubergine recipes to find a new love

Aubergines or Eggplants

It always amazes me when people confuse aubergines with courgettes! So many times I have been asked at the checkout ‘these are courgettes right?’ or even asked ‘what are these?’ So, let’s get this straight. Aubergines are most often black or purple, shiny skinned and usually a bit bulbous. When buying you should look for bright and shiny smooth skin – when the aubergines are getting old, the skin starts to dull and go wrinkly. So, just to be clear, here are a couple of photos of aubergines.

Aubergine Nutrition

Aubergines are a great source of dietary fibre, and contain the vitamins B1 (thiamin), B3 (niacin) B6 (pyridoxine), C, K and folate, as well as the minerals potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese. Aubergines also contain a small amount of protein, so you have every reason to add these to your meals!

Preparing Aubergines

I have discovered many people who ‘think’ aubergines are something not for them. So, let me explain a few things. Some aubergines are very bitter – this depends on the variety, where they were grown, how they were grown and at what stage they were picked. To combat this bitterness, you can slice the aubergine, sprinkle with salt, leave it for 20-30 minutes and it will draw out the bitter liquid. You can then turn them over and do the other side if you wish. Then just rinse the excess liquid away and add the aubergine to your recipe. Aubergines can be sliced, chopped into large chunks or small dice, or cooked whole. They can be roasted, baked, fried, added to soups, used instead of pasta in lasagne, and cooked in an air fryer. What you also need to know, is that aubergines love to absorb oil, so bear this in mind when cooking.

Aubergine Recipes

I already have several aubergine recipes on here, a few of which I have listed for you:

Aubergine Rolls: Aubergine wrapped around a couscous & falafel filling

Aubergine & Chickpea Bake: A delicious combination of flavours and textures (note to self – make this more often)!

Miso Vegetables: A rich and satisfying way to get the most flavour out of aubergines

Veggie Meatballs: Meaty looking balls of aubergine and mushroom (even the meat eaters will love these)

Baba Ganoush

Say what? Baba ganoush is the official name of this delicious smoky aubergine dip. Traditionally a Middle Eastern dish, this recipe calls on the soft delicate flesh of the aubergine that comes with baking it whole. Wash the aubergine, then stick a sharp knife it a few times, place on a baking tray and bake on a medium heat until the aubergine starts to collapse and liquid runs out (different sized aubergines take different times, so try 20 minutes, then check).

When the aubergine is cooked, allow it to cool, before removing the skin. Add the aubergine to a blender and add any or all of your choice of: a spoonful of tahini, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, ground black pepper, a sprinkle of sea salt flakes, a clove of fresh garlic, a pinch of powdered cumin, a squeeze of lemon juice and a dusting of paprika or spicy sauce. You can also add a bit of yogurt or cream if you wish to make this a creamier and less smoky flavoured dip. Blend until smooth, taste test, adjust flavourings as necessary.

Creamy aubergine dip with crispbreads
Photo by Shreyak Singh on Unsplash

What do I need?

This is a simple recipe which is easy to play with until you get the flavour you desire.

If you are new to cooking or your kitchen needs a refresh, here are a few useful things for this recipe. I receive a small commission if you click and purchase through these links (this is at no additional cost to you)!


Serve the baba ganoush on its own, or alongside other dips such as homemade houmous, with crudites or crackers or even some pitta bread.


This does store quite well in the fridge covered for up to five days. If using yogurt or cream, check the date of that too and go by that if it is earlier than the five days.


I hope you whizz up some baba ganoush and discover a new love for aubergines! I do love seeing your adaptions and interpretations of my recipes and I’d love to see your photos of aubergine dishes! What will you turn your aubergine into? Please share and tag me @LifeDietHealth or using #LifeDietHealth on InstagramPinterest,  Facebook or Twitter.

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  • tulips79 11th November 2021 at 20:23

    Hi Laurena, I was actually wondering the other day it had been a while since I made Baba Ganoush! I add pretty much the same flavourings as you but I don’t use a food processor; I find a metal potato masher works well, especially when the aubergines are really soft (I roast/bake mine). In Greece their version is called aubergine salad, strangely enough: dips are also called salads lol (like Taramasalata). Despite my in-laws being Italian, they have no idea how to cook aubergines. The only time I remember my mother-in-law cooking it is when she had chopped it up in cubes and cooked it in a saucepan, resulting in a slimy, mushy unappealing mess🤪 The other way I use aubergine is just slicing it into rounds, marinate in olive oil, lemon and dried oregano before roasting until brown and slightly crispy☺️

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 11th November 2021 at 20:27

      Haha Eva, sometimes I use a masher too! If I cook the aubergine on the barbecue it often gets eaten before it even sees the masher though! I think those who say they don’t like aubergine must gave eaten it as your m-i-l cooked it lol. Oh, you and your lemon- I might try that recipe. I also still have an aubergine bacon recipe to perfect…

      • tulips79 11th November 2021 at 20:43

        Ooh, I can imagine it gets nice and smoky on the BBQ- I’d just stand there with a fork or spoon too, no need to turn it into Baba Ganoush lol. Lemons are in my DNA hehe. Oh yes, the aubergine bacon… I can picture that being American-style: smoky and sweet (mouth’s watering😋)

        • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 11th November 2021 at 21:29

          Maybe I should play with my ‘lemon chicken’ recipe for you?! Although I’m thinking now of a pigs-in-blankets recipe using the aubergine!

          • tulips79 11th November 2021 at 21:41

            That all sounds great👍

          • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 11th November 2021 at 21:43

            I’ll see how my weekend goes… but I’m excited for both and now thinking of a Wellington recipe too!

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