Florentines on a wire rack

Vegan Florentines

Vegan Florentines

These vegan florentines are so very tasty I find it hard to believe this is the first time I have created a recipe for them! I thought (wrongly) that florentines were something that I could take or leave, but how wrong was I! I even ate not one, but two before dinner they were that tasty! Think crisp and crunchy but chewy too! Full of flavour from dried fruits, nuts and a pinch of spice. Add a splash of chocolate to that and wow! These jewelled nuggets of goodness are so delicious I am certain you will make more than one batch!

Close up of florentine with coconut on top
Vegan florentines

The Florentine Recipe

I have made these as simple as possible with base ingredients that you will either already have, or are easy to get from the supermarket. Butter, sugar, syrup and flour form the base of these, then for extra seasonal flavour I added a pinch of mixed spice (cinnamon would work too)! The choice of dried fruits and nuts is personal to you, but I would try and use the flaked almonds even if you are substituting the rest!

Vegan florentines are a great seasonal gift!

I have used whole pistachios, currants and coconut, finished with milk chocolate. You can use any chocolate – plain, white, milk, or a combination! I chose (vegan) milk as that’s what my household prefers. I have made the base of my florentines flat by dipping in chocolate and pressing onto baking paper. If you like a more rustic finish, you can just dip and leave upside down to set.

wire rack with vegan florentines
Golden florentines drizzled with chocolate

Vegan Florentines

Crisp and chewy biscuits studded with nuts and fruits, half dipped and drizzled in chocolate.

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Created by:: Laurena @LifeDietHealth
  • 50 g butter (I used Vitalite)
  • 50 g golden syrup
  • 40 g brown sugar (I used golden sugar)
  • 30 g dates (de-stoned) chopped (can omit or sub other dried fruit)
  • 50 g plain flour (gluten free if required)
  • pinch of mixed spice (omit or use cinnamon)
  • 30 g flaked almonds
  • 20 g pistachios (sub for any nuts)
  • 20 g currants (sub for any dried fruits)
  • 10 g desiccated coconut (sub for any nuts or dried fruit)
  • 75 g chocolate (broken into smaller pieces) (plain, milk, white, vegan)
  1. Ensure you have all your ingredients weighed and ready before starting, and they are positioned next to the cooker. You can place all the nuts and fruits together in one bowl if you wish.

  2. Prepare a large baking tray with a non stick liner or baking paper. Get a metal spoon handy.

  3. Put the butter, sugar and syrup in a non-stick (or heavy-based) saucepan and heat stirring constantly until melted (a wooden spoon is ideal for this).

  4. Add the dates to the pan and press with the back of your spatula or spoon. They should start to break down and blend into the mixture.

  5. Allow the mixture to start boiling and bubbling. It will start to become a darker colour and the bubbles will become bigger. Turn the heat off.

  6. Immediately add the flour and mixed spice and mix in quickly ensuring they are fully incorporated. Turn the heat back on very low and keep stirring.

  7. Quickly add the almonds, pistachios, currants and coconut. Stir well to get everything evenly distrubuted. Turn the heat off.

  8. Moving quickly, use the metal spoon to drop spoonfuls on the baking sheet, with space between for spreading. If the mixture in the pan begins to set, turn the heat on low for 30 seconds whilst you use the remaining mixture. Run the metal spoon under the hot tap, then use it to press the mixture into rounds about 0.5-1cm thick.

  9. Bake at Gas Mark 4 (350f / 180c) on the middle shelf for 10-12 minutes. The florentines should be turning slightly darker around the edges. Allow to cool for 5 minutes on the tray, then peel off and finish cooling on a wire rack.

  10. Prepare a space where you can set the florentines – either use the baking tray or a worktop, again lined with baking paper or a silicon liner.

  11. Melt the chocolate in short bursts in the microwave (total time 30-90 seconds), and remove whilst there are still a few small solid lumps. Stir these in until you have a smooth chocolate. Dip the bottom of a florentine in the chocolate, smooth the bottom, then place on the prepared space and press down slightly to make the bottom flat. Repeat with all the florentines. Use the remaining chocolate to drizzle over the tops. Allow to set (they can be placed in the fridge if required).

  12. Peel from the sheet and eat! Enjoy!

What do I need?

These florentines will look great however you finish them, but you can make them all uniform size & shape and decorate them identically if you wish! I love the rustic shape of these but you could use baking rings if you prefer. Here are a few items you might find useful for this recipe. We do receive a small commission if you click and purchase through these links (this is at no additional cost to you)!

How to serve your florentines

These are delicious just to eat as they are, maybe with your favourite cuppa and your feet up! I would serve these as a snack, or for afternoon tea, or even to make and give as gifts! How about having a baking weekend and making some mince pies and some marbled shortbread too!

Plate of florentines with one on a seasonal winter serviette
Golden crunchy chewy chocolatey vegan florentines

Are the florentines easy to store?

I have kept my florentines in the fridge as it’s so chilly outside I have had the heating on! If your house is cool, they should be okay in an airtight tin for around a week.

Close up of inside of a florentine
Florentines packed with flavour


I love seeing your creations and interpretations of my recipes! Please share my recipes and tag me @LifeDietHealth or using #LifeDietHealth on InstagramPinterestFacebook or Twitter.

I’m sharing these over at Angie’s Fiesta Friday, this week co-hosted by Diann@Of Goats & Greens. Come over and see what fantastic ideas everyone has for December! If you’re adding something to the Fiesta, remember to add your links in for a chance to be featured next week!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of these Florentines and what you would be sure to put in yours? I would love to hear if you’ve made something similar or if you’d rather buy them!?

Speak soon

Laurena x


  • Rebecca - Glutarama 4th December 2020 at 13:35

    These vegan Florentines just sung to me, had to come over and see how you made them, what a fab recipe. One I’m adding to my to-do-list (wonder if I’ll get it all done by the end of 2020!)

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 4th December 2020 at 14:22

      Thank you Rebecca🤗 OMGosh I am still amazed how so very delicious they are! ⭐Tag me when you’ve made them! 👍🏼You could always start your list now!😋

  • tulips79 4th December 2020 at 22:10

    Florentines always remind me of Christmas work do’s haha. I do really like them, they’re definitely something I wouldn’t just take or leave😋

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 4th December 2020 at 22:13

      Maybe I just had terrible ones before Eva🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s unbelievable that I’ve been missing out all this time! Are you going to make some?😋

      • tulips79 4th December 2020 at 22:25

        Not in the near future😋I still need to get around to making some pastry for the mince pies lol, and plan to make some sort of Christmas cookies. I’ve already got images me getting into a frazzled mess over it😜

        • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 4th December 2020 at 22:34

          Ooo, we could make the mince pies together on zoom? 😊👍🏼Then make a plan for cookies?! 😊

          • tulips79 4th December 2020 at 22:44

            I prefer to do things as and when…sorry😋😘

          • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 4th December 2020 at 22:49

            Haha… me too😋 Like the sudden urge to make these Florentines yesterday when it was my busiest day of the week🙈🤦🏽‍♀️ Are you going to make gingerbread cookies?

          • tulips79 4th December 2020 at 22:58

            I wish I was as good as you when it comes to baking and cooking🙂And have the inclination lol. I came across your Pepparkarka cookies and plan to make those…one day this month haha

          • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 4th December 2020 at 23:15

            Ooo👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽the Pepparkarka are totally amazing!😍 I should probably make some too! 😋 Ahh, it would be a bit terrible if I had been a chef who couldn’t cook!😂😂😂

  • Angie | Fiesta Friday 11th December 2020 at 00:33

    I love these! I used to work with this lady who would bring in trays of homemade cookies at Christmas and I would be picking out all the florentines. I was so terrible! But I can make my own now; thanks for the recipe!

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 11th December 2020 at 12:32

      OMGosh Angie these are so very delicious! This recipe is much simpler than others too so no excuses! 😛 Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! xxx


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