I can and I will on a green background

You can and you will…

You can and you will…

Just a quick note from me in these strange times we are all in. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, however your circumstances are… make yourself a plan, a goal, an aim, a dream.

Write it down. Share it. Write it bigger. Make it bolder. Visualise it.

This could be something such as get through today without crying, drink 500ml of water daily, start each day by reading a page of a book, or end the day by writing down one positive thing.

Or, it could be a bigger event, which requires more detailed stages with something that you want to accomplish such as lose 5kg by June, learn to drive, start your own business, move house, qualify as a hairdresser or many other wonderful ideas.

I can and I will on a green background

Start with a Plan

Write it down.

Plan how to get there. Break it down into smaller steps.

Share your ideas below…

Reset your thoughts

I know it is very difficult in these uncertain times, but to have a plan and work towards it builds a focus, a glimmer of hope and distracts us temporarily from what may be a rough day (or week, or month).

Having something to think about for yourself, helps you be better prepared to help others. Take time for yourself and set those goals!

I’ll be back with more recipes soon… 2021 is already proving very busy!

Speak soon

Laurena x

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