Yummy Tofu and other Vegan Wholefood Finds in Croatia!

Yummy Tofu and other Vegan Wholefood Finds in Croatia!

Croatia was ‘not’ a place I expected to just be able to shop for what I needed… hence my suitcase on the way here half full of coconut milk, gluten-free flour, fruit leathers and other nibbly snacks! How ‘wrong’ could I be!!! I am astounded! Not only were there alternatives to dairy milk everywhere I went, but in ‘any’ supermarket there were whole sections full of not only lentils, beans and nuts, but chia seeds, linseeds, coconut oil and so many sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free snacks! Okay, the labels were generally not in English so there was a bit of guesswork working out going on using my language knowledge of snippets of German, Turkish, French and anything else that resembled something similar 😀

These were my three ‘favourite’ items! 🙂 I’m going to hunt for them in the UK as they are so delicious! If anyone has had these before PLEASE let me know! 🙂

Coconut Water

Yes, we have this in UK but I’m not really a fan! However, it was over 35 degrees and we were in the town centre and I was very hot, very tired and very thirsty! This variant appealed to me and although it was expensive (although less so than in the UK) at £2.65 (for comparison a bottle of water was £0.55) I decided I would give it a go! WOW! The flavours were delicious… totally suited to the glorious sunshine with tropical tastes and a smoothness which was incredible. Plus… total rehydration almost instantly! 🙂 Amazing! I’m now a fan and of course I have a great idea for the can of coconut water in my pantry! 😀

Almond Tofu

Tofu has recently (along with cauliflower, oats & bananas) become one of my staple foods. I’m sure its because of the versatility of all of them and knowing ‘how’ to make them into something delicious! Anyway, in Croatia there seems to be a whole array of tofu and my choice of almond did not disappoint. Far from the plain tasteless-unless-you-marinade blocks of tofu we get in the UK or even the pre-smoked or flavoured varieties, this actually had substance and I couldn’t help slicing and eating it cold straight from the pack! I honestly would not recognise this as tofu… it had a lovely firm texture, a subtle herby base and a creamy nutty balance. Nomnom! 😀

Crunchy Quinoa

Wow! Little pearls of crunchy quinoa packed into bitesize clusters! This is a fantastic gluten free cereal with added cornflakes (maize) and almonds. If ANYONE knows how to make quinoa crunchy like this please let me know! It is very very moorish! You can eat this straight from the pack or, if you can stop munching long enough to put them in a bowl, add your favourite milk! Absolutely delicious! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Which of my three favourite finds sounds the most appetizing to you?! Do you live somewhere where you buy these all the time and take them for granted? Maybe you have something similar you can find? Let me know if you know how to make crunchy quinoa!!! 🙂

I’ll leave you with a few photos of the North Dalmatian Coastline… thanks to hubby for driving round the mountains, coves, bays and onto the boat?! GPS lol!

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