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Chocolate Rum Truffles

When I was growing up, rum truffles were always in our house at Christmas time. I remember feeling all grown up at being allowed to eat these vermicelli coated little chocolate balls and loved the fruity taste they had. Fast forward several years, and do an ingredient check on shop bought ones and well, let’s just say this version are far superior! I am sharing this recipe with you today so you can have a delicious indulgent product with less guilt and calories, which basically means you can eat as many as you like!

rum truffles retro
Did you grow up with Rum Truffles?
(photo by Victor Miyata on Pexels)

The rum truffles recipe

The ingredients in these ‘rum’ truffles may surprise you, but I am sure you’ll be happily surprised! The base of these is dates. Now, dates vary considerably, but you need the softest dates you can find. The dates I use are labelled as ‘fresh’ dates and need to be stored in the fridge. However, they last for a year so I’ll let you think on the ‘freshness’. If you can only find very sticky dried dates, that’s ok, you just need to soak them in a bit of warm water to soften them. Then you need some rum, alcohol free rum or rum extract, and some cocoa powder.

Rum truffles

A healthier version but still as delicious!

Created by:: Laurena @LifeDietHealth
  • 100 g (approx 10) fresh dates (or soak dried ones)
  • 1-2 tablespoons liquid. Rum/rum extract/hot water (taste test as you go)
  • 2-3 teaspoons cocoa powder (use as needed)
  • pinch of salt
  • *coatings extra cocoa, nuts, coconut, seeds etc.
  1. Put the dates and 1 tablespoon of liquid in a mini mixer or blender. Blend until as smooth as you can get it, scraping down the sides as necessary. Taste test and add a bit more rum or water if needed.

  2. Add cocoa a spoonful at a time and pulse to mix in. Again, you can taste test. You want a nice texture that holds its shape. Remove from the blender/mixer and ensure cocoa is throughly mixed in. Add salt if needed.

  3. Using 2 teaspoons make rough balls from your mixture, then roll or dust with your coatings. Alternatively you could chill or freeze the mix at this stage, then use your hands to roll into balls once it's firmer.

  4. Chill the truffles until needed. Can also be frozen for quickness or if you prefer a different texture.

  5. Enjoy!

What do I need?

The most important item you need is a good blender or small mixer, or lots of patience to mash by hand! I have picked out a few items which could be useful for this recipe. Legally I need to tell you that I may receive a small commission if you click and purchase through these links which would be lovely if I did, but it’s highly unlikely!


Serve your rum truffles chilled with a selection of other chocolates! Have you tried making the very seasonal coconut snowballs or maybe you’d prefer these delicious nut butter based chocolates? Why not make a few different ones and give them as gifts in pretty bags or small boxes. If you’re gifting them, make sure you add a label with any allergens or add a link to the recipe.

rum truffles
Rum truffles with cocoa, nuts & coconut


These rum truffles can be stored for several days in the fridge – no specific time as it depends how much water you add and what other ingredients you use. Generally they will still taste great for over 2 weeks if kept refrigerated. Of course, you can freeze them for longer storage, where they will keep for 2-3 months (unless they’re in my freezer then they tend to vanish quite quickly)!

truffles with christmas holly
Pistachio coated rum truffles by Sofia-de-la-Torre on Pexels


It is of course the season for sharing but if you want to keep them all to yourself I’ll keep quiet! Feel free to share the recipe especially if you’re hoping someone will make these for you (any recipe sent back to me and I might get the hint)!

Anyway, as always, I love hearing about any recipes of mine you try, any ideas you adapt or suggestions you have for future recipes. Any last minute seasonal requests I could (or should?) be working on? Remember to please share any photos and tag me @LifeDietHealth or using #LifeDietHealth on InstagramPinterest,  Facebook or X.

Leave me a comment below… I love to chat!

I hope to speak with you soon

Laurena x

rum truffles
Rum truffles by Roman Odintsov on Pexels


  • evagallon 7th December 2023 at 19:53

    Ooh, nice variation of the date and tahini balls I make🤎

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 7th December 2023 at 19:55

      Haha… I almost added tahini especially for you, but thought you’d already have a version like that!

  • evagallon 7th December 2023 at 19:54

    More like (much) boozier version hehe

    • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 7th December 2023 at 19:56

      I might just have to go and have some more now lol! Nomnom! Is rum a flavour you like?

      • evagallon 7th December 2023 at 19:59

        It’s more Raf’s flavour, I’m sure he’ll love them☺️

        • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 7th December 2023 at 20:03

          Well, you could make two lots at once using a splash of water to blend, then add the flavourings afterwards. I’m going to do some orange ones with bits of homemade crystallised peel in and then try some with fresh mint leaves in!

          • evagallon 7th December 2023 at 20:13

            I like the sound of the orange ones🧡

          • Laurena@LifeDietHealth 7th December 2023 at 21:25

            me too lol!

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