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rum truffles

Have yourself a merry little chocolate or three!

Chocolate Rum Truffles When I was growing up, rum truffles were always in our house at Christmas time. I remember feeling all grown up at being allowed to eat these vermicelli coated little chocolate balls and loved the fruity taste they had. Fast forward several years, and do an ingredient check on shop bought ones and well, let’s just say…

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energy balls

Delicious quick and easy protein snacks to make now

Energy Balls. A quick and easy snack recipe for you today. I love making these protein snacks and vary the ingredients depending on what I have in and what I feel like eating. No recipe as such, instead some energy ball ideas to get you experimenting! If that scares you and you feel like you need a bit more help,…

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peanut butter balls ina pyramid shape with dates and a spoon of pb powder

Simple but delicious 2 ingredient snack you’ll love

Simple but delicious 2 ingredient snack you’ll love This week is a very simple but delicious 2 ingredient snack you’ll love! Now of course, you can make these with more ingredients, but this is a tree-nut free recipe for my friend Anna! This is a sweet recipe, almost fudge like, and if you can mash, mix and roll, you can…

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Winter warming spiced cake

Winter warming spiced cake Cold! Yes, winter is definitely approaching! SIX degrees centigrade this week (43f) after a balmy average of 16c (61f) over the half term holidays. So we need something warm and yummy whilst we curl up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book! 😀 This is one of those recipes that I’d bookmarked…

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Healthy Snacks & Treats (DEGF). Swap that sugar!

Healthy Snacks & Treats Today here is something a bit different. Not a recipe as we don’t all always have time to be in the kitchen cooking up Blueberry Cinnamon Muffins or Oaty Chocolate Drizzle Yummies. Yesterday I found ‘just what I’d been looking for’ in the guise of some wonderful jars! Not just any jars! Screwtop jars with easy to…

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Cookies… Biscuits… Oaty Choco Drizzle Yummies! Dairy AND Gluten free!

Oaty Choco Drizzle Yummies Yesterday I decided to experiment and attempt to make some gluten and dairy free ‘nutritious’ and ‘healthy’ biscuits. When I went to bed I decided I need to make some more today! After tweaking the recipe to get a crumbly tasty cookie, then improving it by topping it with chocolate I couldn’t stop eating them… but…

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Sweet Sunday: Healthy Chocolate Protein Truffles

Healthy Chocolate Protein Truffles Yesterday I visited my favourite health shop to stock up on raw cacao, fresh dates, quinoa, apple vinegar and a gluten free flour. Instead of quinoa I decided to buy freekeh (as it was considerably cheaper) so I’ll be experimenting with that over the next few days. I also found brown rice vinegar and brown rice…

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